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Hello there, my name is Steff.

I've worn many different hats as a journalist,  but my primary interests include politics, reporting, and podcasting. In 2023, I joined The Hill to serve as an Associate Editor, and also freelance as a social producer for the "It's All Journalism" podcast.


Previously I was an engagement editor and podcast producer for the Washington Examiner.

I will forever stand behind the people's right to know the truth about what's going on around them and within their government. 


Being raised by two legally blind parents put a need in me from a young age to learn everything I can sooner rather than later. I often find relief in stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I enjoy making sure I have as much information as possible before making a decision.

I have an undeniable love for continuing education, especially when it comes to politics, culture or history. My career goals, especially in 2020, focus primarily on sound reporting, podcasting and reporting the facts in a way that is excititing and interactive. Unlike many, I am not always focused on what will get the most clicks or likes on social media -- nor do I rest my laurels on either side of the aisle.

Before the coronavirus pandemic struck the East Coast, I served in a project role as a Digital News Editor at ABC News in Washington, D.C. covering all things surrounding the 2020 presidential election and D.C. politics.

Prior to taking that step, I served as a digital editor and podcast producer for Federal News Network  (WFED 1500 AM).


I've been the college newspaper reporter covering Board of Alderman meetings and sports; I've been the magazine intern thrown into the fire; I've been the Capitol Hill reporter covering legislation and oversight and I've been the investigative journalist putting the pieces together. This field is not dying. This field is changing. And so must we. #CARPEDIEM


Potomac Fever is strong, and I packed up everything from my childhood home in Indiana and moved to Washington D.C. in July 2015 on a whim. You learn very little from wishing and sometimes you have to force yourself to take the next step.​ I received my M.A. in Investigative Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in 2016.


I also have a B.A. in Journalism and New Media from the University of Mississippi, more affectionately known as Ole Miss (#HottyToddy).


And yes, I do believe that each and every one of us, journalist or not, can (and should) have a lasting impression in this world.

Please join me in my pursuit for TRUTH. 

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